Stainless steel ASGO HDE Vacuum filling machines offer precision, reliability and durability for your product casing stuffing operation. No other equivalent machine can mach our quality/price ratio.

5500 kg/h maximum range filling capacity, providing higher productivity service level.

High power with smooth precision and variable speed control comes from a built in tested and reliable electronic-proportional-hydraulic system providing the ability to care and handle your meat product with just the enough pressure that is required. For this reason with ASGO vacuum filling machines it's not possible to find energy waist.


Precise vacuum pumping system control and assure air removal and homogeneity on filled products. Crushing or smearing cannot be found with our precise and pressure care meat vane pump.

stuffers main 
 Model  Capacity Max portioning rate Max portion rate with linking  Portion range



650/min (*)



HDE325T 5500kg/h 650/min (*)  440/min (*) 25...9999cm3

(*) with 25cm3 portions


Automatic Vacuum Stuffer ASGO HDE 320 Main features

  • All stainless steel meat stuffing pump including rotor and pump vanes.
  • Continuous feeding system by a spiral inside of a 270 liters hopper running simultaneously with the rotor.
  • Proportional hydraulic drive system PLC controlled.
  • Operation control by a touch screen system of high working efficiency with all parameters being altered during operation.
  • Stuffing modes: Continuous, Portioning, Portioning + Clipping.
  • Stuffing speed range 6 to 54 rpm.
  • Portioning weight from 15 – 999 999 gr.
  • Portioning speed max. 650 port @25 gr.
  • Automatic twisting system with casing holder device.
  • Filling pressure max. 45 bar.
  • Number of links from 0 to 9 turns.
  • Selection of pause for portioning, clipping and twisting.
  • Vacuum system including safeguard protection to the vacuum pump.
  • Clipping impulse and socket plug for automatic and  semi-automatic clipping machines.
  • Electro-hydraulic lifting device for 200 liters trolleys.
  • All stainless steel construction.

Other standard features:

  • Max. stuffing capacity 6.000 kg/h.
  • Contents of the meat stuffing pump 1850 cm³.
  • Number of rotor vanes: optional 8 to 22 all stainless steel.
  • Vacuum pump 25 m³/h 0,75 kW.
  • Main drive 7,5 kW.
  • Lifting device 1,1 kW.
  • HDE 325 version with automatic twisting/linking system with casings holder device.