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Optimize your sausage production with state-of-the-art industrial machines. Our machines process all types of meat, guaranteeing weight and length accuracy, impeccable appearance and high production rates.

fresh meat


From minced meat to nuggets and specialties like doner kebab, we guarantee finished products with perfect structure and texture, with
flexible automation solutions, high weight accuracy, and standardization, all simplified for your operation.


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Maximize your production with our fish and seafood processing machines. From cutting, blending and skin removal to

complete filleting solutions, our solutions meet the demands of the fish industry, prioritizing hygiene, safety and health.
strength and efficiency.



We offer fully automated solutions for precise dosing and clean filling of processed cheese into cups, cans, pouches and containers.
or directly in thermoforming machines. Discover machines as diverse as the mixing, filling and forming possibilities,

ensuring uniform production.



Provide an appealing appearance and texture with our exact portioning and forming solutions for vegan and vegetarian pasta.
rianas . Our machines guarantee weight accuracy, clean filling, efficient automation and flexible production. Raise excellence

in plant-based food production.



Our machines guarantee flexibility and precision in pasta processing. We offer solutions for confectioners and bakeries,

from manual filling to fully automatic devices, including precise mixing and dosing systems. Descu-
bra more to raise its production to new heights.



Prepare appetizing and creative ready-to-eat meals. Explore a variety of shapes and sizes for a diverse portfolio.
from gourmet salads to packaged soups or falafel balls. We guarantee products formed to exact weights, filling

fully automatic in cups, cans, trays and jars of your choice, offering unparalleled flexibility and an appealing appearance
and a superb sensory experience.



Whether you need to portion, process or automate your production, we have the right solution for your business. With our porcio technique
In the processing and preparation of pasta, we guarantee delicate processing with maximum weight precision and high flexibility.

machines provide fast and easy cleaning, regardless of the type of dough – firmer wheat for bread or soft rye for
wholemeal bread – our dough portioners divide and weigh reliably. Improve your production with efficiency, quality and



Face the challenges of the pet food market with confidence. We guarantee maximum weight accuracy and high
hygiene standards, with easy maintenance and short set-up times for product or format changes. Our solutions
flexible, they allow the production of an almost infinite variety of pet products, covering all segments
of the sector.

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