A New Era for Asgo: Joining the SUBIC Group

With great pride and enthusiasm, Asgo announces its recent integration into the SUBIC Group, a strategic alliance that represents a historic milestone in our history. Founded in 1962, Asgo has been a pillar of innovation, quality and sustainability in the food and technology sector. This new phase in our history is the perfect union of two visions that share the same values of excellence and innovation.

Asgo has a rich heritage and a consolidated position in the national market, being recognized for its excellence in meat and poultry processing solutions. Our reputation for efficiency and quality is a testament to the commitment to excellence that we share with all our partners and clients.

This historic moment marks the beginning of an exciting chapter. The integration with the SUBIC Group not only broadens our horizon of possibilities but also reinforces our commitment to sustainable innovation. Together, we are prepared to lead the transformation in the food and technology sectors, developing pioneering solutions that meet and exceed market expectations.

Innovation and Sustainability: At the Heart of Our Mission

By joining the SUBIC Group, we embrace a shared vision that puts sustainable innovation at the forefront of everything we do. This strategic partnership reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, ensuring that we continue to offer integrated solutions that set standards of quality and sustainability in the market.

Moving Forward with Optimism and Determination

Looking to the future, we face this new stage with optimism and determination. We are ready to explore new opportunities and face challenges, always with the aim of innovating and creating value for our customers, employees and society in general. Our gratitude goes to all those who have been an integral part of this journey, especially the Asgo teams, whose dedication and passion are the backbone of our success.

Together, the SUBIC Group and Asgo are committed to leading by example, promoting a culture of excellence, environmental responsibility and constant evolution. We are stronger and better prepared than ever to shape a sustainable future, ensuring a lasting legacy for future generations.

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